Eventually, without taking his eyes off the heights, he asked me:

‘How many runaway stories you heard about Grenada?’

‘Some few.’

‘Any of them getaway? Aside from those that die trying?’

‘Hard to tell. I did hear about one man, he stole a canoe and paddled out to sea. They never saw him again.’

‘Probably drowned,’ said Emile. ‘Or sharks got him. There’s no point taking a canoe. Nowhere safe to paddle that’s close enough. All these islands own by the Beke and no matter be they French or English, Spanish or Dutch, they all have us under yoke. But some people have escape, for true. Those Maroon. Living their days out in groups now, up in that high forest.’

‘Cho!’ I said. ‘You trust them? I heard they turn other runaways in for reward.’”  – Sugar Money