452: Fluidity not labels

Throwback to my secondary school days where girls had to wear skirts and weren’t allowed to wear trousers. I did feel sorry for my sister who’s legs must’ve been freezing in the winter because of a stupid rule. I did think who said it’s acceptable for certain genders to wear certain pieces of clothing and others not. Trivial questions I guess, why men never worn dresses or why skirts were invented for females. I still don’t know the answers, but it did cross my mind as a young boy.

The bigger picture it led to was, who is society to determine what is the norm or acceptable for genders/different groups of people?

Society tells a lot of people how they should view me as a young black male, street crime, violent hip-hop music, politically/ intellectually inept. I like to think I shatter these labels by being myself and expressing myself through this blog and ultimately not entertaining those narratives. I don’t feel the need to come up with a new term to call myself, or dismiss a term used to describe my ethnic background.

Whether you view right or wrong there is a movement going on where people don’t want to be referred to as “He/She” but rather “They/Them”. I would be lying to claim I know all the ins and outs of this topic, or struggles these people are battling everyday. What I do know is adding another label (ironically by trying to remove one, you’ve added one) we are creating more divide. Ultimately we are going to have those who wished to be called one of 3 terms mentioned prior and those who may get offended by using the wrong term when addressing them. I assume we can all agree as it stands- there’s no derogatory connotations to using the terms he or she to define what sex a person is.

If you are a male or a female depending on what sex you were born as, that shouldn’t effect what you wear or your personality traits. Example, I am a male but identify as a female because society has told me that the way I act or feel is inline with a female. I shouldn’t switch over to being a female- Perhaps if I’m a man and I feel like wearing clothes or I naturally behave in a way considered “feminine”, means naturally what I’ve been told makes me male or female is a load of rubbish and the buck stops at what makes me either or at what is between my legs. 

To preach fluidity would mean no matter what you are born as you can wear, act and love who you want, without what sex you are playing any part of it.