328: 002

“Firstly, for us to gain good information in a way that will stick with us is to make it relatable. In school I hated reading something from a random old guy, I couldn’t get into it. Actually it’s quite weird to think that the system thinks it’s ok (as an entry) that one of the first books you read as a young adult (here in The UK) is Shakespeare. I had to go about reading written pieces from rappers, then onto guys like George Jackson (Soledad Brother), some real street guys, talking some really political stuff, but they look and dress like me. My mind was blown. Then from there I could learn to appreciate a Shakespeare, or a John Fante, I could get into these guys more because I knew what I liked, what I was looking for. I had a reference point to draw from and appreciate what a next man from a whole other world to me, was trying to say.” – Damian Malontie.