314: 001

“He is like Kony or Black Lives Matter, it’s the latest cool thing to be socially conscience of (despite it coming from a real place, which is a shame). It’s great if these things popup in conversation amongst young people for a change, or a celebrity posts a meme mugging off The Commander in Chief instead of a selfie- but I feel like the reaction of a hashtag and a march is done to be discussed on a Monday at work about what you done over the weekend. I know we are all human and sometimes we get too tired to, I don’t know, care about social issues or other priorities kick in, I’m not judging and relate.

I’m just saying it would be nice if real people who are posting about him online or attending marches, unlike popular culture kept the same energy, a month after he’s trending online, even 24 hours after he has left our shores. I guess a perfect ending to this piece would be to ask those who attended a previous march. What’s the update on Black Lives Matter?” – Damian Malontie